Sunday, 16 March 2008

There and back again . . .

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Well, I'm safely home from collecting my daughter from Uni. I am NEVER going to travel on a Friday again though, the traffic was horrendous in Stockport and I somehow managed to get distracted by someone beeping behind (not at me as far as I know) and ended up in the wrong lane off the roundabout and heading back the way I came, so I had to head x-country over the Derbyshire moorland. Some of the area I know a bit, so I knew which bits to look for but sometimes I had to stop and check the map, and when I did, I got my camera out!

The journey back yesterday was more straightforward and a lot less "heavies" on the road. We decided to stop for lunch at Welshpool, as it is many years since I was last there, and besides, the Charity Shops of Oswestry (where I stopped on the way up) didn't tick the box as far as books were concerned. Welshpool was far better and I came away with several, including an oddball theory about burial chambers from the Neolithic being based on seals (!!!). There were so many photographs I had wanted to take but was unable to stop anywhere near, and I was particularly disappointed I couldn't take some of the peculiar sulphur yellow colour some of the mosses had turned and this juxtaposed with striated grey rockfaces, and dead bracken etc really took my eye. I did stop off at Buttington Wharf (just outside Welshpool) and took some photos of the canal there. I want to do some research about it and then I will share it with you, but meanwhile, here is one photo to keep you going.

Thanks to all of you who visited my Show and Tell yesterday and I shall get around to visiting your sites this evening and tomorrow.


nannykim said...

Beautiful pictures, especially the last one. Oh and when you said "round about" I thought, where does she live? It is funny because they call them than in NEW ENGLAND and I have been living in the south so long I had forgotten. We call them traffic circles in the south. Plus I still have to laugh at the "Car boot sales" you have!! Such an old sounding expression ;-)

MammyT said...

I've just read through and so enjoyed these last few posts I had missed. My favorite photo of all is the canal. I really hadn't thought about covered bridges up your way. We have some very picturesque ones here in the midwestern and southern parts of the U.S.