Friday, 14 March 2008

Friday - Show and Tell over at Kelli's

Show and Tell

Although I'm participating in this week's Show and Tell, I am away until tomorrow evening so I won't be able to post your comments or check out your show and tells until my return. Please leave a comment - it will be lonely without you!

This is a pair of small jugs I got at the Car Boot Sale last week. I collect Crinoline lady china and I collect jugs, so these ticked two boxes! They're in perfect condition and even though there wasn't room to fit even a wee Crinoline Lady on the tiny jug, it's still sweet.

As you can see, they fit in well with the other two jugs I have of that pattern. They live on the slate slab on the half landing going up to the attic. A perfect place for china collections . . .

A couple more pieces of Crinoline Lady china, bought many years ago at auction. I love the Wisteria trailing on the little vase to the left.

Click on the photos to enlarge them, so you can see the design properly.

Lastly, someone requested a picture of my oak corner cupboard and last week's plates in place:

The corner cupboard is an old one and should stand on a matching stand, but when we bought it, covered in chicken feathers (and worse!) the base was no longer with it. The bottom half is hidden behind our sofa and it contains some of my crafting materials. Between the two plates is a little glass candle holder which throws out pretty colours through the glass when the candle's lit.


jennifer said...

Great Show and tell post. The jugs are so pretty.


Penless Thoughts said...

Wonderful finds. I love it that you said you got to tick off 2 at once!!!!

Hootin' Anni said...

The collection is super. I had to expand them to see them better...and I'm glad I did!!! Amazing.

If you haven't dropped by my Show N Tell yet, I sure hope you do. Have a great Friday and Happy weekend!!! [I know, you're not at your computer, but when you return perhaps?]

Barbara H. said...

That is a pretty china pattern -- I had never seen it before.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Simply Heart And Home said...

Very lovely. And I do like the color of your wall behind the oak corner cupboard. I can't tell if it is more a brown or a peach or both?


Rebecca said...

Your china is so beautiful. I love the way you have it displayed.

Rick Rack Attack said...

Always love your car boot finds!

Stop on by for a visit at Made some Kiss Me I'm Irish Beef & Cabbage yesterday & posted the recipe. Come on over, I'll fix you a plate!

Jewelgirl said...

I made the photo bigger. The ladies
are just lovely and the gold trim
is beautiful. Another great car
boot find! Super!

Cookie Sunshine said...

These were wonderful. I have enjoyed visting your blog today.


Mrs.T said...

These are so beautiful, Jennie. Thanks for posting even when you were going to be away. I am so happy I got to see these!

Nora Lee said...

Such pretty finds, I love the plates.


Feathering My Nest said...

These are so pretty. I would love to come back and visit you. Your blog is interesting. I'm at the busiest point in my life (have teens who need to be everywhere, but can't drive yet), but as time allows I visit other blogs.

Thanks for sharing, Kathi

hatty said...

hi there
really enjoyed reading your blog and followed you from greentwinsmummys blog :o) hope you dont mind!
just had to say, the crinoline lady!! omg! my grandmother had a tea set that was always used for afternoon tea, i havent seen this pattern in years and years and had a little heart flutter when i saw it on here.
thank you!!
amor mundi
hatty :)

Bovey Belle said...

Hi Hatty, lovely to have you visit. The Crinoline lady design is so pretty. Guess it's late 20s/early 30s. Glad it spoke to you. Hope you'll become a regular visitor.