Thursday, 6 March 2008

Show & Tell at Kelli's

Show and Tell

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This is one of our special favourites and although it isn't particularly valuable, it is very old, and the bird (a crane) pulling the man's nose, is a wonderful piece of Medieval fun that has been carried on through the centuries. This probably dated from the late 1600s. It was obviously part of the architecture of a church, long since decomissioned, and would have been designed to teach a moral tale. Perhaps not to tell lies - shades of Pinnochio there! We love it dearly, especially as part of it is a pun on our surname.

This is another of my favourite plates. It lives on top of an old oak corner cupboard in the sitting room and would have been part of a stunning dinner service at one time. It's a big soup dish, made by Booths in a pattern called "The Pompadour". Probably late 19th C - about 1880 or so. I can't remember if this was in an auction box or from a Car Boot Sale, like the one below:

This is a real quality plate, made by Wedgewood, and with a USA Patent mark on the back, as well as the English one. The pattern is "Wellesley" and as it has "Made in England" on the backstamp, it would have been manufactured post-1892, when it became necessary to include the Made in England stamp. Whilst it is essentially a transfer print, parts of it are hand painted, and the embossed pattern around the flat rim is very fine. It sits on the same old oak corner cupboard, the other side of a big old earthenware jar, with a couple of emergency candles for when we have a powercut! Sadly, the old cupboard came without its base, and when we bought it had been used as a chicken coop and was full of feathers and other . . . "stuff" . . . My husband has made it look wonderful again.


Hootin' Anni said...

Absolutely beautiful. I love old things myself [and, have I ever said how much I love the colors on your walls? I really do!!!]

Mine's posted, tho quite eclectic today. Hope you can find time to stop by if you haven't already.

Happy weekend.

Char said...

Those plates are gorgeous. Have a great day.

MammyT said...

I am so very much enjoying the glimpses of your home you are so kind as to show us. The Wedgewood plate is really beautiful.

Penless Thoughts said...

Lovely items.

Barbara H. said...

The plates are beauitful and the whimsical detail in the first picture is cute!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Jewelgirl said...

The 1st plate reminds me of a
mimi bone china bowl by Ansley,
(I think I spelled that correctly)
that I have. Mine is not very old.
It has the butterfly and simular
colors on it. It is English.

jennifer said...

The 1600's...Yikes! That is cool. I'm glad you described what was on it...I wouldn't have made it out on my own! Jennifer

TJ said...

These are beautiful! Wow something from the 1600's! We don't see that here in the States, especially not in the Northwest.

I just saw your comment on Jennifer's S&T. Funny that you mentioned mink being let loose by the so-called "animal lovers", I'd just posted about my parents having a rescued mink, due to precisely that. She is beautiful, but a lot of work.

Sharon said...

That old piece of wood is fabulous! I really like it. The carvings are just beautiful. I also really like your plates. How cool to own things that are so old. I wish you would have shown pictures of your hutch and the earthenware jar too!

:0) Sharon

Bovey Belle said...

Jennifer - if you click on the photos they will enlarge - leastways, the ones I took will. If I have imported any, they stay the same size.

Sharon - I shall make sure I take a photo for you (once I've dusted! - I was horrified to see the dust in one of my plate photos . . .)

tj - the animal lovers (some were Animal Rights people) set a whole farmful of mink loose in the New Forest a few years back, and the damage they did to local wildlife was incalculable. One of the reasons we have so few Water Voles these days - yet I can remember them so vividly from my childhood.