Thursday, 6 March 2008


I was browsing through an elderly copy of the Countryman magazine the other evening and came across a letter from someone in Australia who mentioned a Moonbow? This is apparently a lunar rainbow: "a pale, very beautiful, almost ghostly replica of the daytime rainbow. It lasted about 15 minutes before the rain finally stopped." The journal added that "readers in USA and South Africa have also seen moonbows associated with waterfalls; moonbows created by moonlight and rain have been seen by at least seven readers in England, who have reported them from the Lake District, Wales and the West Country." How bizarre. I don't suppose I'll ever see one, but I'm in the right area to look out for one now, and meanwhile, it's a lovely thought.


Leanne said...

a moonbow? I WANT TO SEE ONE!!! how magickal would that be? :-)

Leanne x

Bovey Belle said...

You'll never go to bed now Leanne - not when it's raining at any rate!!!

MammyT said...

I have seen something like it. I'm sure there is a name for it which now escapes me. It is a circular, very faintly colored "bow", albeit all the way around, the moon when there is a lot of moisture up in the atmosphere.