Monday, 10 November 2008

Light anomalies or fakes?

Photographs accompanying this are of the Rollright Stones, and come courtesy of Creative Commons.

At the end of yesterday's post, before a thunderstorm stopped play, I included 3 scanned photographs from Chris Barber's "The Ancient Stones of Wales." You could look at them with a sceptical eye and say they were fakes, but if you double click and read the associated words, you might think again. It is easy to be sceptical - I prefer to be open minded, especially in the light of some the of experiences I have had in the past few years. There are always going to be things we don't understand - electricity for example - we can't see it, but we know it is there and what it does - and we can feel it if we are gormless enough! How about static electricity - I was always someone who walked across the office, opened the filing cabinet and got a belt! Again, we can't see it, but we know it exists. As for dowsing for water, or a lost ring, or energy from a stone - why is it so impossible?

Cast your mind back to the old Cat's Whisker radios of the 1920s, when the new technology used a piece of quartz crystal (they were also known as crystal sets) as the transmitter. It really was the original "wireless" technology, hence radios often being referred to as "wirelesses" . . . "What's on the wireless, mother?" Without batteries, without the valves necessary for amplification, your Cat's Whisker radio came complete with a set of earphones so you could hear the faint signal all the better.

"Since crystal sets have no batteries and no mains power, they rely entirely from the electrical energy developed between the aerial an earth connections - producing sounds as if by magic." (

The actual 'Cat's Whisker' was a piece of fine wire which touched the most sensitive part of the crystal - where it got the best reception on the "sweet spot". For the 'wireless' to work, it required a long length of aerial lead (copper wire in this case), which would be fixed into the loft, or between two poles in the garden to pick up the signal, balanced with an earth, which was a length of copper pipe knocked into the ground and attached to the aerial.

Think of those photographs, and what could be manifesting. For the one of John G Williams dowsing the 7th waveband (with his hands) and the resulting explosion of light or energy recorded by the camera - why should we think it not possible for him to be the 'earth' that the energy transmitted through the stone fed into?

As for the Coetan Arthur pictures, just as you have springs of water bubbling up through the ground from subterranean sources, why should it not be possible for earth energies to also be released at certain times, and in these isolated cases, captured on film (Williams visited this site many times and took photographs in the hope of recapturing such moments on film, but only rarely did it happen.)

I visit Avebury regularly and until this summer had never picked up any energies from any of the stones, but this year I visited on two occasions, nearly a month apart. On the first there was a very noticable negative energy in the vicinity of one particular stone, and yet on the 2nd occasion, there was none. One did not need to dowse for it - the energy could be felt. So, scoff by all means, but perhaps our ancient ancestors placed their tombs and standing stones specifically in areas where such energies were manifesting themselves, and they were so in touch with their landscape they could sense it. I have never believed in actual ley lines of energy - Alfred Watkins never had this in mind when he wrote The Old Straight Track, recording the straight lines which could be drawn on a map between churches, stone circles, standing stones etc - that concept was thought up in the late 50s and in the original 'New Age' back in the 60s and only recently has the Ley Hunters Society sought to extricate itself from those concepts. Dion Fortune's 1930s novel has a lot to answer for . . .

Still doubting? Then go along to the Rollright Stones and take the set of dowsing rods with metal collars for you to hold, so that the dowsing rods may move freely, which you will be offered when you arrive. Walk amongst the stones, and be truly amazed to find that the dowsing rods spin in circles in your hands. Explain that if you will . . . Visit
for photos of the site, the King Stone, the Whispering Knights and the King's Men stone circle.

Ever wondered why we have such a big brain in relation to our bodies? Sometimes I begin to get an inkling of the powers that we have lost . . .


nita x said...

jennie that is another wondrous post, very thought provoking. and i too feel we have lost far more than we will ever realise.

Web said...

Only a point of note - The Society of Leyhunters is now at

Kim said...

Lovely post BB, this is such a fascinating subject. I'd love to get a set of proper dowsing rods, but have often had success with a pendulum. I've found lots of objects with it, even, once my cat that had disappeared!

I adore Avebury, it has such a special atmosphere, and another favourite site of mine is the Men an Tol in Cornwall. It's incredible there :)

Kim x

thelma said...

Hi BB, I can't dowse, though have tried, so you will have to put me on the sceptical side. Fascinating both blogs though;Have been to Carreg Coetan Arthur it its enclosure of little bungalows, there are some sites round that area where you need one of these satellite devices.
Actually the stones at Avebury always used to frighten me, I think its their shapes and what they represent... have met a couple of dowsers down there, and a good friend dowses for both water and stones (roman), 1 in 7 of us can do it so I've read.....
Also met one at Stanton Drew, and he reckoned he had found the site of two lost stone circles..

Mam said...

What a fascinating subject. And I have given it much thought. I personally doubt that we will ever understand everything about this Creation. I do feel that ancient men were so un-distracted, and so dependent upon their natural environment, that they could sense these centers of energy and so chose to use them. I am sure that fantastic things have happened where the stones were erected and that there is meaning in every aspect of their arrangement. When diana Gabaldon came up with the gemstones to help go through the time portal, I figured she was on to something!
I thought it was interesting that you felt an aversion to the old hospital site you mentioned. Particularly if someone who was related to you spent time suffering there. But as empathetic as you are, I would expect you to feel some of that, anyway. It is a wonderful gift, but exacts a price in us. Sometimes you have to bear another's burden.
These are wonderful posts you're doing here. Love it.

Rowan said...

Another intriguing post - I'm quite sure that there is a great deal going on around us that we can't see but some people are more sensitive to these energies than others. I would love to visit the Rollright Stones, Avebury and Stonehenge I've visited and felt nothing but West Kennett long barrow was a different matter altogether.