Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Internet connection stopped play . . .

Living where we do, in the back of beyond, the internet is a lifeline to me. My two closest friends in Wales live 20 and 35 miles away respectively. Needless to say, we keep in touch by phone or internet. My childhood friends are in Hampshire and Dorset - 200 odd miles away. The internet keeps me sane as I can keep in touch with forum friends.

My blog has become a wonderful creative outlet and I enjoy wittering on about the things that interest me. I try not to put too much "personal" stuff on here, as the world and his wife can read it, and my husband would have 40 fits, as he is a very private person.

When I CANNOT GET AN INTERNET CONNECTION ALL DAY - and this has gone on all over half-term and now into the second week, and I cannot even get through to the company concerned - TALK-TALK are you listening? - because there is apparently a gigantic queue of similarly-minded people, I get very frustrated. It is currently 3.11 a.m. I couldn't get back to sleep after waking at one a.m. and I decided to see if the connection was o.k. With a couple of glitches, it is. I shall try phoning T-T again in the morning, but they have chosen the most amazingly blardy annoying and irritating and unlistenable piece of background music (think bongo drums and stupid waily woman's voice - same song over and over and over) obviously trying to get rid of all but the most desperate customers. At least with AOL they DID take your call pretty quickly and were very helpful. I wasn't pleased with the AOL connectivity but when my husband got cornered by the T-T guys in a supermarket foyer and signed up, I could have murdered him - talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire.

So if it all goes quiet, you will know why, and you will have to conjure up a mental image of a middle-aged internet-junkie on the warpath. T-T - you won't know what hit you.


Leanne said...

iknow what troubles you have had with the internet service over the last few years, Even in very rural wales, in the 21st century you should get a better service, give 'em hell jennie!!

leanne x

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I too can soooo relate ,If i can't get on and do abit of blogging and emails I start to sweat and feel really stressed..lol!!
My Hubby too has pink fits about what i put out there for Public forum,Hence the lack of my kids Photos on my blog.
But it has been nice to show my Son on a map where some of Mummas friends live...See it's all about learning!!

MrsL said...

Shame they're not called Listen-Listen!!
Technology is a wonderful thing, until it goes wrong, which it inevitably does!! LOL

Hope you get it sorted soon.



Bovey Belle said...

Well if I don't, you'll hear the screaming all the way down in Dorset!