Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A few pictures of Newport

Few words today - my brain is in overdrive as I have a month to make as much use of my temporary Ancestry membership for family history searches, so I am deep in Hobbs research right now (my maternal line). I find it hard not to get distracted, wondering about Christmas Hobby, who was born in Merthyr Tydfil in 1865 . . . or the unusual name of Bolitho which turns up frequently in Cornwall.

It is sending me BATTY as the search engines throw up very little on exact and want you to look right through to the useless one star possibilities. Anyway, a possible line being followed up but there is one census where my g.g. grandfather seems to have been hiding under the table! So Benedicta Hobbs, I am hoping you are one of mine, and possibly my g.g. grandmother . . .

We enjoyed our wander around the back lanes of Newport.

This looks in need of some tlc.

A wander round the excellent antique shop too, with its emphasis on railway memorabilia.

. . . and some china too . . .

Then back down to the car to go up the road a little to the archaeology.


Val said...

Lovely photographs, lots to look at
Thanks! Val

LBP said...

Jennie! I just read the post below! Is your family named "Bird" with and "i" and not a "y"? My Grandmothers name was Virginia Bird! My grandfather was Roy Lafayette Bird. I have absolutely no family history on his side of the family. Maybe we are long lost cousins!



Bovey Belle said...

What a coincidence. We'd only be long lost cousins by marriage, as they're my husband's rellies! But if there are bright blue eyes in the family and a strong musical streak, you never know . . . Do you have a family tree? OH's Birds came from Kent.

Glad you enjoyed the photos Val. I always like antique shop ones as you can "browse" online.