Thursday, 7 February 2008

A walk to Llanstephan Castle

It was beautiful spring-like weather yesterday - blue, blue skies. Too nice to stay in doors, so I indulged my cabin fever and my husband and I drove to our nearest seaside, which is the estuary sands by Llanstephan Castle.

Llanstephan Beach and Castle are across the Towy Estuary from Ferryside. I believe there used to be a ferry which crossed the river. There are treachorous undercurrants there though, and the tide comes in very rapidly - the noise it made in its return yesterday was audible from the castle.

We walked along the beach, then up the little road from the beach (to enable people to launch small boats I presume) and then up the steep flight of steps to the path through the woods to the castle. Yes - these are every bit as steep as they look - murder to ageing kneecaps!

The first view of the castle as you climb the muddy farmtrack towards it. This is the Keep.

Inside the castle, this was the Inner Keep (of the Upper Ward).

There was once a splendid fireplace here. This is all that remains now.

This is looking back up the Towy Estuary.

The gatehouse in the Lower Ward, which was modified and the original entrance filled in, and it was turned into living quarters. The floor is replaced at the first floor level so you can walk across and have a different perspective of the castle grounds. The slots for the portcullis, and the "murder holes" are still there though.

Another view, through a window embrasure, looking up the Towy Estuary again and the houses at the approach to Ferryside village.

This is beyond Ferryside village, with the railway line running around the base of the headland.

Here is a link if you wish to find out more about the history of the castle:


MammyT said...

Ahhhh. I always feel like I've had a tiny vacation when you do one of these. What a wonderful addition to blogland you are. And so eloquent. thanks, Jennie

LBP said...

What a magnificent castle! Thanks so much for sharing your photos.



Kelli said...

What a beautiful place! I can't believe how blue the sky was..just gorgeous!

Allotment Lady said...

I do so enjoy paying you a visit and reading following your walks, rides, outings, and the photos accompanying are always stunning.

Most of all I love your poems - they are so uplifting.

When you said that you were creating a blog - it made my day - I just knew you would get hooked.