Monday, 4 February 2008

The Beast of Brechfa.

OK - I haven't got a pic of this one. I wish I had - I would make a fortune selling it to the papers! However, this is a trackway in Brechfa Forest. If you look close enough you may see a Black Panther, or a Puma or a. . . The reports mention various Big Cats which have been seen over the years. A friend of mine from the village says she has seen it crossing the road at the edge of the Forestry and claims it was brown. Yet other reports claim it is black.

There has even been an academic research carried out by a local lady, Prof. Alayne Perrott, whose broodmare was attacked by what was thought to be a Puma - and she was convinced they were breeding in the area. She travelled to America and showed photos of her injured horse to puma experts and they agreed that the only thing which could have been responsible for something like that sort of bite mark on the horse's neck is a puma or a lynx.

Here is a more recent newspaper report on an actual sighting after the Beast, in this case Black Panther perhaps, killed a Whippet. It was spotted at Llangadog Creamery also, and in the Ffairfach area of Llandeilo. This link gives the full report:

A friend of mine has his own answer to the story and here is a link to the previous Vicar of Brechfa with his very own Beast:

All the same, I don't go walking on my own up in Brechfa Forest - I might look a tasty meal . . .

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