Thursday, 14 February 2008

Another day out!

Despite a cold start and grey skies, we ended up with another wonderful sunny warm day. I caught up with a friend of mine who lives half an hour's drive away, and we drove up into the hills above Ammanford. This whole area is spectacular. People driving down the motorway would never know it was there - it's a well-kept secret.

We went up to see her new horse - a TB mare who had very badly damaged a front tendon ("broken down" if you are horsey) in her last race. The racing industry has such a fall-out of injured horses and those who don't make the grade. Injured mares - if their bloodlines are good -often go for breeding. Horses that aren't fast enough or co-operative enough (some just don't want to do it or lack the leadership qualities that make them want to get their head in front or have very difficult temperaments) end up in the sales. Some lucky ones go for rehabilitation at one of the centres round the country, and end up with a second career. As for badly injured geldings, well, perhaps we won't go there. . . Anyway, my friend's new lass is an absolute poppet and really enjoyed getting some sunshine on her back for half an hour, out in the stable yard. Her damaged leg will take a long time to mend but she is happy to potter about on it, with it supported by special boots. The tendon has torn away the entire length of the cannon bone - without the special support boots her fetlock was very close to the floor when she was first injured, with nothing to support it.

She has settled in happily now, in her new "forever-home".

Everyone was dozy in the warm sunshine and so rugs could come off for a little while.

My friend's horses are very fortunate to have stables to wander in and out of at will, ad-lib hay, plus natural hi-fibre bucket-feeds, a field with a view (!) and they can socialize and be happy just to "be".

The only non-TB (he's only 1/2 TB and half Welsh Cob).

Love and kisses are freely on offer too!

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