Sunday, 16 August 2009

Today's car boot sale

K and I went to the car boot sale this morning and struck lucky with several items. I found another copy of a book I already have, which worked out well as a gift for a friend and I found a seperate book for 50p which just HAD to come home with me. Reading it on the way home, I wanted to make just about every recipe in it, so I reckon it was a very good buy. I spent this afternoon baking and tried out the Carrot and Orange Cake from the new book (pictured below). I shall report back, with pics and the recipe.

K found these dinky little hand-turned salt and pepper pots for £1. He appreciates anything hand-made from wood and just had to have these - they must have been SO fiddly to make. The tops screw off and the salt and pepper can be shaken through the S and P letters. They are on a slanting base so they lean away a little.

The gorgeous basket was one I fell in love with. OK, I later found it had a Made in China sticker on it, but is craftsmanship all the same and it is JUST what I need for my overflow of sewing/crafting/knitting bits and pieces. We gave it a good scrub off with a very weak bleach solution, but the blue is paint and not mould I am glad to report.

I didn't get this little jug today, and can't remember if I have mentioned it. It cost £4 few weeks back, but was so unusual, with its lid like a wig with flowers on, and I reckon it dates from around the early Victorian period. It has a couple of chips, but I will forgive it those because it has such charm and character otherwise.


Morning's Minion said...

Too tired to finish the shop quilt tonight so enjoying your finds again. I can almost feel the embossed flowers on that little jug.
Wood working is something I appreciate. I have refinished furniture in the past and wished I could actually craft replicas of small items. J. let me use a power saw once and it terrified me.
Will be watching to see what you bake up from the recipe book.

The Pineapple Tart said...

Hi Bovey Belle,
I just have to follow your blog - you're the only other Somerville and Ross fan in the blogging universe!

Nan said...

I find myself quite fond of the little salt and pepper shakers. All the wonderful things in the world.