Monday, 3 August 2009

Take two little girls!

I will go back a week or so and share with you a photo of two happy little girls demonstrating that churches are for playing hide and seek in. Honest! Keith and I had a lovely time at GTM's house, and were shown round the village. They, in turn, helped me have one box less of books in our house, so I hope they are enjoying them.

I am SO envious of her neat and tidy veg plot - I have returned home to green mayhem and a lawn that thinks it's a hay meadow!

My husband's dream house . . .


Anonymous said...

I too am envious of that beautiful garden.. I noticed she has it all screened in.. I've been considering doing that to mine next year.. just to keep those pesky squirrels out.. they not only eat the seeds as I plant them but when something does bear fruit they take bites out of them.
Love the house too.. and the girls are cute playing in the church.. not a thing wrong with it.

Morning's Minion said...

Old churches are so interesting--I'm thinking of those that are "old" in New England, nothing like the antiquities of Great Britain. The garden at your friend's home is lovely--I SO miss a garden! Keith's "dream house" looks a bit chill and forbidding, although I can appreciate the architecture.

Rowan said...

Lovely photo of D's girls:) And I'm with K on the house, it's lovely.

Greentwinsmummy said...

Hahaah they are minxes,they did that all through the carol service last year when we were sat up the front in the choir pews lol!They are very happy & comfy in the little church which I think is so sweet.

Most of the credit has to go to dad on the field plot :o) although this year I have also worked my bummocks off up there :o) The kitchen garden is very weedy at the moment sigh,theres not enough time even with four hands lol!Pat we got the huge fruit cage this year as living in a rural area you are decimated by birds the moment anything remotely berry ish appears! Cabbages get netted too due to the dratted cabbage white butterflies.

As I said when we walked past my landlords manor house,thats the back end view lol! theres an even more stunning view round the front side. I am lucky enough to have been in the gardens round the back,enchanted & ancient are two words that spring to mind :o)

It was so lovely taking you round this little place BB,you know so much about rural life & buildings,a veritable mine of information you are :o) & its nice to take folks round that appreciate & enjoy it as mch as I do.

& oooh yes the books are being enjoyed!
GTM xx x x x

Greentwinsmummy said...

good gracious the word verification was bleste!!!!
Indeed I am,indeed I am
x x x x

Bovey Belle said...

It got that right then didn't it GTM?! I often feel that I am too, as I have been able to live the sort of life I wanted to - staying at home to bring my children up and always being here for them.

MM - quite a few manor houses look a bit like that one, but as GTM said, the view is from the back. If you ever go round the back of the Royal Crescent in Bath (q.v.) you will get a shock - front and back don't bear any resemblence!

Pat - the fruit cages really do help keep the birds off the fruit, and with the cabbage white the commonest butterfly in most parts, the cabbages need some cover too. Having come home to a garden which looks like I planted Triffids, I now have my gardening head on!