Saturday, 14 February 2009


Dartmoor view from near Hound Tor I think. Just to make me even more cheerful, as it's Dartmoor and it's summer . . .

Bless you everyone for these comments. I am glad to report that an evening spent curled up with a good book, a few cats, and a descent into watching rubbish tv for the last half hour before bed (which cheered me up no end as I watched Wifeswap and counted my blessings!!!) led to a good night's sleep and I am positively FRISKY today. I think a week's very disturbed sleep pattern led to the black dog day. I don't get them very often, thank heavens, and hugs to those who also have the glums right now. Normal service will now be resumed!


Arlene Grimm said...

I was just going to post on your previous blog but you posted an update. So glad you are feeling better. I have those same feelings....all the way across the ocean. :) I am going to read, cross stitch and take a walk to see if it helps. Happy Valentines Day Jen!

Anonymous said...

So pleased you feel better, Bovey, and will soon be back to normal.

Lovely pic - reminds me of the work I did around that part of Dartmoor in the summer. I think that wooded cleft may be the valley of the Dart. Just so beautiful.