Wednesday, 4 February 2009


There, I've used a bad word, and not just in a private conversation which was overheard and then reported to the Thought Police at the BBC. But then, although this blog is open to anyone to read, unless Someone Doesn't Like Me, I will get off scot free. My name's not Thatcher you see. My husband is very political. I suppose, perhaps by default, that makes me have Opinions. Dunno. What I do know is that the BBC have two different codes of practice and if your name is Jonathon Ross you can say or do anything which thousands of people deem offensive and not have to apologise. If your name is Thatcher, and you say something in private, and are overheard, then the BBC Stazi deem it a racist comment and you are out on your ear.

As for Golliwogs, I used to have one as a child. I wish I still had it, as I would blardy-well brandish it right now.


Greentwinsmummy said...

This is so ridiculous isnt it,I have a golliwog,hes very old so the smalls dont really play with him much yet,to me a golly is a toy,nothing else,nothing more,never has been,never will be.
If people have malice in their minds they will read malice into anything sadly
GTM x x

Morning's Minion said...

Golliwag: I had to do some research on that term as well--now I get it! We have the same stupid issues over here--politicians and public commentators having to "apologize" for a chance remark or phrase, others of the media being allowed to utter foul language, nasty innuendos with impunity, under the heading of entertainment[?] Always some group or other feeling that their delicate sensibilities have been attacked! Our towns here [Lander and Riverton, WY] border the huge Wind River Indian Resevation; we are meant to refer to them these days as "Native Americans."
Sadly, a forced public "apology" is not indicative of any real remorse or understanding and I think that often the individual or group demanding one simply wants a bit more attention and something to blat about!

Anonymous said...

I've done enough whining for two days but felt as amazed as you Bovey at yet more stupidity by the BBC. As for golliwogs, we used to collect them off jam jars; a harmless enough pursuit. I also loved the book 'Little Black Sambo' as a child (all those pancakes!) as did my children. Banned now I guess.

Your photo is glorious - it makes me think of the daily walks I took with my grandmother when I was about six or seven. Cheered me up.

Nutty Gnome said...

I am SO totally with you one this one - I am constantly being amazed by the double standards of the Beeb and she should never have been sacked, unlike Ross who should have been got rid of years ago! AAAGH!
Like Wild Somerset Child,I collected golliwogs off jam jars, had the figurines, loved 'Little Black Sambo' etc, etc. In fact my brother was always called 'Sambo' by my parents because he was always filthy!
Right, I feel better now ....thank you for letting me have a little rant.
I love your photos and your blog by the way!

Rowan said...

I'm in agreement with you and everyone else - golliwogs always seemed to me to be friendly and comforting, I had one as a child and also collected the ones off jam jars. It's time someone told the BBC where it gets off and removed their licence fees. Frankly if I was head of BBC Jonathan Ross would never make another broadcast nor would a good many other foul mouthed so-called 'comedians'. Oops - sorry, better get down off my soapbox!

pattypan.2 said...


I had a Golliwog too and it was a well loved children's toy that wasn't malicious or political but part of a child's world. If I remember he had a blue ringmasters jacket and striped trousers and a dicky bow. Things really are getting out of hand in the "real world".(I sometimes think that people in the so called "real world" are completely off this planet. The Golliwogs on the jars were highly collectible too. Breakfast wasn't the same without a jar of Robinsons marmalade on the table. Why can't people concentrate on real serious issues instead of wasting public money and energy needlessly on something that really is of no importance.

I agree with you completely