Sunday, 8 February 2009

Back from the Car Boot Sale

A strange day here today - blardy cold, but it can't decide whether to snow or rain, so it's doing both by turn. I feel very much in the need of stretching my legs, so will get out and about shortly, then try to piece the new patchwork block I cut out yesterday.

I nearly didn't buy anything at the car boot sale - there were very few people selling (hardly surprising), but I did end up with 5 of the prettiest dinner plates with rosebuds round the borders for £2, and from the same stall, a part service of 2 oval serving plates, 5 dinner plates, and some large side plates and small ones for £4. We have had some breakages recently, and I am not the sort of person who has everything brand new and matching - completely the opposite in fact. I could have bought a box-full of china at yesterday's auction, but then I would have had half a box-full of junk I didn't want! My husband spotted a wall plaque of knights at Agincourt which is a good companion to one we already have and I got a Winter 1946 copy of the Countryman magazine (I collect them) from the same stall. It will appear on here throughout the week as it has SO much in it that I think readers of this blog might enjoy.

Plates too pretty to pass on.

Easy to see why I had to have THIS copy . . .

Then my son wanted a sponge cake. I murder sponge cakes - the best I could do was a Madeira, which apparently counts as a sponge cake to him. I also made my own recipe Manderin Orange Cake, because I have been fancying a piece all week - as you do when you're trying to LOSE weight! As I beat eggs and measured flour, fat and sugar, I had the joy of listening to David Suchet's wonderful voice on Desert Island Discs (he is on a par with Stephen Fry and both would definitely be candidates for my Dream Dinner Party). When the BBC do something properly such as much of Radio 4, and pretty well ALL costume drama) they are superb, if only they could steer clear of promoting idiots, everything EXCEPT heterosexuality, political correctness, politics and getting the knife out for people who say something off record but UNDER THEIR ROOF. Yes, I'm still angry about that Golliwog incident, and for Jo Brand to say she was shocked to the core by it - gee willikers, when she has a mouth and mindset that could do with a dose of carbolic, how she could ever profess to be shocked by ANYTHING is beyond my comprehension.

But hey ho, I am glad I am not out in the Real World and can enjoy the smallest of pleasures, like second hand plates and flowers on my jasmine and the prospect of a piece of my still-warm home-made cake . . .


Tea with Willow said...

Lovely car boot finds, Bovey Belle! I must admit, I'm a big fan of unmatched china etc - I've been rooting around the loft to find my Mum's old willow-pattern plates - I think they will look quite good with my other plain white stuff.

I tend to agree with you about the BBC at the moment - I'm getting very tired of political correctness! In fact, I've been having a re-watch of the Life on Mars series, set in the '70's - no PC-ness there!! :o)

Willow x

Morning's Minion said...

Those plates look so pretty on what I take to be the pine table. I'm coveting the "Countryman"--look forward to shared treasures from it.
Your finds, your corresepondence and your walks have nudged me out of incipient winter doldrums.

Greentwinsmummy said...

I listeded to DIDs in the kitchen making plasticne people with the smalls,each piece of music he chose the smalls lifted their heads & coooed thats nice,one piece they said was dinosaur music,another was cats dancing :o) I love the way music conjours pictures for them :o)
Lovely plates too!
x x x

Leanne said...

jennie, i have an oval platter in that rosebud design, i too think its really pretty!! :lol:

leanne x

Kelli said...

The plates are wonderful...the little roses are so sweet!

nancy said...

I envy you your BBC! We have NPR - National Public Radio which may be somewhat comparable and there is some good programming there. Those rose plates look so much like my mother's "good china". I haven't seen it in years - think my sister has it. I really like the others, though.
I can sure see why you had to have that copy of the Countryman! It looks fantastic.