Friday, 27 February 2009

BB's nature notes are born!

Ain't nature grand? A wonderful display of deep pink Valerian, Ox-eye Daisies, and I think the yellow flower is either Hawkbit or Dandelions with VERY long stems! Link to new blog is playing up - please use

This idea has been forming in my head in the past week or so, and indeed on my long walk yesterday, I began taking photographs to be incorporated in my new blog - Meadowsweet's Nature Notes After yesterday's post, and when I couldn't sleep in the night (yet again), I mulled over how there is a gap in education which used to be called 'Nature Study' when I was a child. How we had a 'Nature Table' in the corner, to which we would regularly bring things of interest - a bird's eggshell discarded from a nest; a Jay's feather; a jamjar of frogspawn; the pupae of a caterpillar or moth; a branch of sticky Horse Chestnut buds left to open in the warm; fungi in the autumn; bunches of wild flowers to identify.

Below: Jay

All this has gone; ignorance is bliss, but it comes to a pretty pass when the lecturer on a field trip at University, specifically to identify hedgerow trees and thus patterns of habitation in the past, actually had to rely on my eldest daughter to help him out as even HE couldn't identify some they were looking at.

So, BB (my pseudonym on several sites is Bovey Belle) has decided to fill the gap. Hah - if anyone ever finds their way to my new blog that is! Please come and visit, tell your friends, and their children, and get them to tell their friends.


Greentwinsmummy said...

OOooo!! how fabulous!what a great idea BB ~ I will be eagerly following your new one :o)
Theres so much I am learning at the moment & there is such a need to pass this onto the next generation.If they dont know what things are,how are the people growing up now ever going to learn to look after the world that they live in
GTM x x x x

Tea with Willow said...

Can't wait to go and have a peek at your new blog BB! It's so important that we pass this knowledge on to future generations ... for goodness sake, we have kids in cities in this country who don't even know what a parsnip is !!!

Willow x

Nan said...

If people don't spend time in nature, they won't learn to care about it and take care of it. Good ol' Miss Read's classrooms always feature flowers or weeds gathered by the children, and they all troop out to go on nature walks. They don't do such things over here anymore either. I'm heading over to your new blog now.