Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Taking pleasure in small things.

This is one of the small things which brings me pleasure - a lovely view. This was from a day out at Carreg Cennen Castle. The view is looking towards the Carmarthen Fans (f = v in Welsh). At the base of that mountain ridge is Llyn-y-Fan-Fach (more of which another day), a glacial lake, and with its own myth and magic. The meadows are just being cut for silage or hay in the picture. If you click on the picture, it really enlarges - you can almost walk into the view!

I love Nasturtiums. I've always grown them, wherever I had a garden, and mum always grew them too, up a trellis. I like the more unusual colours, but last year's seemed mainly bog standard, all grown from my own seeds, but I did have ACRES of them. Such a small thing, yet they bring me great pleasure.

I am easily pleased. A new book will do it for me every time - it doesn't even have to BE new, just new to me, and a subject that interests me. I love trying out a new recipe; tidying up the garden; planting seeds; a wonderful painting or a piece of antique furniture; looking round an old house or castle or a Museum; going for a walk; the company of friends; home made cake; a pair of earrings one of my daughters has made me. I can't understand people whose only pleasure is in retail therapy - buying yet another pair of shoes, or another handbag. Who on earth needs more than ONE handbag? Mind you, perhaps some people say that about books . . .


MammyT said...

Jennie, I would never say that bout a book, but I do like my shoes! I enlarged the photo and - you were right. It is really a pleasure to be able to 'walk around' with you over there. Thank you for sharing your beautiful land with us.

MammyT said...

the links that don't work?
I figured it out!
When you put your urls on the line where they are supposed to go (for posting them as links) there is already an http:// on that line. You must highlight it before you paste in your url or else you end up with 2 "http://"s.

Bovey Belle said...

Enjoy your walks Nancy! As for the links - you darlin' - SORTED! I shall remember that for the future.

Mrs.T said...

How very beautiful, Jennie -- both the view AND the nasturtiums! I love nasturtiums too. And, like you, I am easily pleased by small things. Many of the things you mentioned are things that I enjoy, too. I'm with you on the handbag too... who could possibly need more than one?!