Saturday, 26 January 2008


During the long winter evenings, and in the run up to Christmas, I do a lot of crafting. I am best hand-sewing, I have to admit - my sewing machine and I have a love-hate relationship and it likes to play me up! I do basic straightforward patchwork, and all my offspring have hand-made quilts for their beds. Nothing exotic - hand-sewn hexagons, machine-pieced big squares - something I can throw together reasonably quickly, though I would love to make a more complicated pattern, log-cabin is about as complicated as I am likely to get for a while. Note to self - must get back to my log cabin quilt . . .

I like to embroider - or rather, embellish - things, though I am not particularly skilful. I have made several bags for my eldest daughter, who likes stuff that's a bit unusual (hmmm. Certainly gives me free rein to hide my mistakes!) I like to sew tapestry pictures, and x-stitch, though I now need a magnifying light for the latter nowadays. I knit a little too - currently knitting tiny patchwork squares for a bedspread my eldest daughter is making. I went on a 6 week spinning course in 2006 and now have my own spinning wheel. My eldest daughter has learned to spin too, and is a natural at it. I have also discovered needle-felting, which I really enjoy. I love the way ideas just "happen" as you are experimenting.

Here are a few things I've made in the past 18 months.
Top one is a suedette bag with beading and embroidery.

This is a work in progress (two sides of it). It will be a bag for my eldest daughter when it's finished - just crazy patchwork with all sorts of embellishments and simple embroidery.

The lovely print on the right is embellished with tiny beads - should show up better if you double click.

This is the 2nd thing I needle-quilted, a peony. The pink petals are slub silk I think, which also felts well.

This is a little log cabin mat for a penpal of mine.

My middle daughter's hexagon quilt, hand-pieced, and now keeping her warm up at Uni.


Mrs.T said...

They are all so pretty, Jennie! Love the dragonfly in the top one. The peony is lovely; can't imagine figuring out how to do that. And the crazy-pieced one, embellished with embroidery and beads... would love to do that someday. Thanks for sharing!

Kelli said...

What beautiful projects you are working on! I also like hand sewing, my sewing machine is usually very grumpy. :0)
I LOVE the hexagon quilt!

MammyT said...

I've enjoyed looking at your projects. I think we had a hexagon quilt in our family somewhere. That looks so familiar.
So far, my felting skills are way behind yours. I'm going to try some things this week and I'll share them if you like. I love the crazy quilt design for the bag.
Definitely like something I would carry.