Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Rainy days . . .

Morning all from a wet New Forest. I wish I could include some photos with this but that will have to wait. So will this blog, as when I return home, BT have announced that the line won't be fixed "until the end of August". I have news for them - the Daily Mail will be getting a letter this week and then perhaps we will have some action, or perhaps their apathy and total lack of customer care knows no bounds?

We have been enjoying the wildlife here, looking out through the French windows and watching the rabbits, many wild birds and every evening, a young fox trotting across the lawn. Last night foxy had a shock as there was another fox, presumably higher in the pecking order, as our fox then scooted off and was seen trotting across the paddock a few minutes later.

As today is supposed to be all day rain, we will be relaxing with books and knitting/sewing . . . well, perhaps Keith will pass on the knitting/sewing!

If you ever drive across the New Forest, please remember the speed limits. My friend here has the skull of a New Forest pony in her barn - a young mare that was killed by a speeding van or lorry which took her head off it was going so fast. They found the mare's body, but it was months and months before her head was discovered . . .

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Kim said...

I'm so impressed with the wildlife you can see, it was amazing to see those little woodpeckers so close :)

Thank you for a wonderful day, I'll be writing it up in a moment :)

Lots of love

Kim and children x