Saturday, 18 July 2009

BT - I'm giving up the will to live . . .

I won't even go there. We lose Broadband every time it rains because BT have renagued on their closing the road/cutting back trees/replacing short telegraph poles and replacing the damaged length of circa 1955 cable promise. Apparently just bodging the line is more cost-effective . . . The story is just too depressing, especially if you mention you are having broadband problems as then it's an instant transfer to blardy India . . . You can see why they don't have a Complaints Department can't you?!

So we will have a wee "pome" instead:

In sleep of helpless infancy
Trees were the arms that cradled me;
On Tree my daily food is spread,
Tree is my chair and Tree my bed.
Fibre of Tree the books I con,
And Tree the shelves they stand upon.
Primeval Tree burns clear and bright
To warm me on a winter ight.
I hear, to wind in woods akin,
Tree-music of the violin;
And at the last, when I shall die,
My tired dust in Tree will lie.

Teresa Hooley (probably lieing in tree these many years as this was penned in a 1938 edition of The Countryman magazine . . .


Greentwinsmummy said...

ARGGG how frustrating. I lose connection here fairly often when its bad weather but not as bad as you seem too:o(
I have been at the mercy of their Non Customer Service when trying to set up my email account,I ended up nearly screaming with frustration,you have to repeat everything you say,the delay on the phone line makes conversation very hard as well.

Deep breaths! & lol as we both know theres much to be gained(however frustrating it is when it doesnt work) of not being at the computer lol!

Thats a lovely poem! very true,I like being surrounded with trees & wood :o)
GTM x x

Morning's Minion said...

The title of your post gave me a moment of worry--I thought it referred to your "summer cold" or whatever the indisposition has been named.
I have internet connection but feeling like the connections to my brain have faulty wiring this week.

Bovey Belle said...

Sorry to scare you Sharon. BT stands for "British Telecom" though to be honest, it might just as well be Indian Telecom these days . . . I did some Googling on line and found a very interesting site with some very interesting contact numbers, and as a result of a call to a "magic number" we now have someone calling on Wednesday . . .

GTM - great to chat with you and look forward to seeing you next Saturday. I've put the link to the BT discussion/complaints page on INEBG, just in case any one needs it.

I rather liked that little poem too . . .

Rowan said...

Love this poem, it's rather comforting to read. As for Indian Call Centres - don't get me started!!! I've yet to meet anyone who doesn't turn purple with rage at the mere mention of them! Like GTM they can turn me into a screeching fishwife in about 10 seconds flat.