Sunday 24 May 2009

Touchwood Nursery - Aquilegia Heaven!

Faced with all this gloriousness, I was like a child in a sweetshop!

Before I leave the subject of Aquilegias, I had a lovely afternoon out on Saturday and visited Touchwood Nursery in Swansea, to look at an absolutely stunning collection of Aquilegias. I hardly knew where to look first as there were so many beautiful and unusual plants. I must have been there nearly an hour, and of course didn't come home empty-handed as I bought ten packets of seed (with a bonus one thrown in free), so I want to get those in seed trays and carefully labelled up tomorrow. I am SO excited about them.

I think the gorgeous pink and cream one is scented! Amazing and definitely something to try and develop more. To the left are some more gold-foliaged plants.

This is one of the clematis-petalled sort. I have a deep bluey purple one like this, but I think this had silver highlighting around the petals which you can't see from my duff picture.

I loved this one - reminded me of the Moulin Rouge dancers for some reason.

I wish I had seeds for this one, but I believe it's still at the experimental stage. They have to start breeding true and not producing different flower types.

Isn't this gorgeous? I've just sent our eldest daughter a necklace in similar colours - this is prettier though!

Note on the right, one of the golden-foliaged Aquilegias, which I think I chose seed for. I'll have to go and check.

Such unusual colours.

I hope that you will visit Carrie's website (there's much more than Aquilegias alone) and perhaps treat yourself to some seeds if you're too far away to visit.


Cat said...

They are so beautiful! I am so jealous that I can't see them in person! Thank you for the lovely photos.

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

Lovely to get lost for hours in such a place! Thanks for sharing...

Goosey said...

I love Granny's Bonnets and every year they pop up in the garden as beautiful as ever. Lovely pictures.

Kim said...

Lovely pictures, Jennie, and how did you manage to only buy 10? :) I can see what you mean about the Moulin Rouge, it's the shape of their skirts, maybe. I have a couple of acquilegias and have indeed visited the website, but so far have been a good girl :)

Kim x

thelma said...

Lovely photos Jennie, think aquilegias are my favourite flowers, though roses come a close second. Is the original 'wild' aquilegia, that lovely dark purple colour.....