Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Ignore this if you hate Aquilegias!

These are "my" wild Aquilegias which grow up by our field gate. Despite Next Door ripping out chunks of bank with his too-wide farm machinery, I have gone up from 4 to 7 plants this year, as there are three very young ones further down where they haven't grown before. I am going to put some wire or branches in front of the plants so they can set seed without the verge murderers cutting them down.

Last pics, I promise. Just a few close-ups of flower heads as when I walked round my garden last night and REALLY looked at the flowers, I was amazed and delighted to find that I had some more unusual forms. These are better photos which show the flower head. The ones I took the other day were a bit slap-dash. I was amazed to find that I do actually have a couple of plants which have different flower heads on the same plant, so I shall be saving seed from these and marking the trays and seeing what comes up next year.

Aboe and below - a beautiful deep purply-blue clematis style flower with lighter highlights. This has sown itself into a crack in the path - don't know where its parents came from as it's the only one I have like this. Seed being saved again.

Below - a fairly standard double (and treble) petalled flower, with, on the same plant, a white pom-pom flower. Aren't they gorgeous. Again, I shall save seed and see which ones come up when they flower.


Kelli said...

The tiny ones are so sweet, especially the yellow. You have a wonderful variety!

Leanne said...

Jennie, they are beautiful. lucky you :-)

leanne x

GeraniumCat said...

Who wouldn't love aquilegias! Lovely pictures.

Kim said...

I can't get enough aquilegias and have even cleared the front border so that I can plant a few. I just can't decide which! Stop tempting me :)

Kim x

Persuaded said...

oh my, i haven't visited you in so long... and how much i've missed! love the dear little flowers, and i especially enjoyed the beautiful architecture and statuary in some of the lower posts.

and that house that you want? i want it too... shall we be roomies?;)

Nan said...

Mine are almost ready to blossom! How could anyone hate aquilegias?! They are so beautiful, both the curly wilder ones and the gorgeous colored cultivated ones. One of my favorites!

Jane Badger said...

I love aquilegias too - I particularly love the way they self seed. I'm not so keen on manh of the modern forms, but I do like the last one in your post. It's delicious.