Sunday, 8 March 2009

Normal service will be resumed

I am glad to say that Lucy the one-eyed, is now getting back to her old self - she shot up the stairs ahead of me this morning, with her tail askew, and obviously any pain is easing considerably, although I'm still giving her the Metacam and will do until it runs out. She is holding me to ransom over food - all she will eat are the expensive and tiny tins of pussy-cat Salmon Pate! Ah well, she was ever a fussy eater, but hopefully she will go back to Whiskas at some point!

Lovely grass - shame about the rain!

Just LOOK at those ears !

An Eeyore moment as donkeys don't really enjoy being wet. They were whisked under cover with a haynet apiece, and carried on meeting their public.

I had a lovely day out in Swansea yesterday and went to three of the city's museums. The team from Lluest Horse and Pony Trust were at the national Waterfront Museum, as there was a special exhibition about Cockle Picking. Adele and Millie, Poitou donkeys who belong to Lluest's Manager, were there to fly the flag for the donkeys of the past who were part of Wales' maritime heritage.

I also visited Swansea Museum, which had a good temporary exhibition 'Animals and Us' and has a wonderful Cabinet of Curiosities room, reminiscent of those studious Victorian gentlemen's collections. As photographs were banned without filling out a huge form, I will put links to the Gnoll Stone and the Gellionen Stone, fascinating remains of early Christianity in Wales.

I ended up at the Dylan Thomas Museum, which was wonderful, a real wrap-around Dylan Thomas experience. There is also a second hand bookshop beside the cafe, which put temptation in my way! I was good and just bought a book by Henry Williamson (best known as author of Tarka the Otter) about his attempt at farming in Norfolk, during the farming slump in the 1930s. Inspired by the Dylan experience, I also bought a cheap book of his poetry with all my old favourites in it. I cannot help but think that some of his poems were definitely middle of the night nursing a hangover stuff - they seem disjointed and nonsensical, but I guess (my) ignorance is bliss. I shall read them over and over and see if they become any more understandable.


Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

What a lovely day, and I'm glad Lucy is feeling better...Metacam is good stuff and easy to give, which is nice!

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to know your favourite Dylan Thomas poems - everything you write about takes me back to the things I love. Thankyou SO MUCH. Ann.

Goosey said...

I love donkeys...when I was a teenager I went with a friend to buy a donkey and we took it back to her Dad's farm...called her Freda. When we woke the following morning we realised Freda was in fact Fred! Well it was dark!!!!LOL

Kim said...

(((HUGS))) to Lucy, and poor donkeys!

Kim x

Rowan said...

So glad Lucy is getting back to her old self. The donkeys are great, I've always liked donkeys. The two stones are interesting, the Gnoll Stone is superb, still really clear cut in spite of it's chequered history.